Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Promo code and Compares

Windows 8 vs Windows 7 Promo code and Compares

1. Windows 8 touch

Obviously the most obvious difference between Windows 8 and its popular predecessor is the user interface.

Windows 7 supported touch, but it wasn’t ideal – the controls simply weren’t good enough. However, things have improved immeasurably in terms of the touch support in Windows 8. First of all, touch support on the Desktop is far, far better and you can even close windows and select menu items without issue – Windows has built-in intelligence to tell it what you are trying to do.

Secondly, the new Start Screen is an interface that’s built for touch. That means tiles instead of menus and much quicker ways to get to the programs you want. There’s also greatly improved on-screen keyboard and handwriting recognition.

You don’t need to have a Windows 8 touch PC – the interface still works on non touch machines, and many trackpads have support for new Windows 8 gestures. There are also peripherals such as touch mice and trackpads from Microsoft and Logitech (among others) that support Windows 8 gestures.

Windows 8 touch

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2. Windows 8 Start screen

Microsoft the familiar Start menu is a Start screen which features the same kind of live tiles and data as Windows Phone’s home screen,

When you open an app that needs the desktop you still get the familiar Recycle Bin and Taskbar, but the Start button – which now only appears when you hover in the bottom left corner with your mouse – takes you back to the Start screen.

The Start Screen can be used as an application launcher for desktop apps, or Windows 8 Modern UI apps (that’s what Microsoft is currently calling the new interface).

Windows 8 start screen

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